ASCM El Paso/Juárez Membership Information

To address the specific needs of each member, APICS offers four classes of membership. Select the membership package that is best suited to the professional and educational goals of you and your company.

Enterprise Membership

APICS Enterprise Membership is flexible, convenient (centralized billing) and cost effective. The membership has the same great benefits as the individual memberhsip. After 25 employees are registered your company can gain even a greater savings by enrolling the 26th and up employees as e-members for only $125 each. APICS's will offer enterprise members the opportunity to add additional members based on a sliding scale (illustration below). The annual dues are listed below.

  • 5 - 24
  • $200 / year
  • 25 - 50
  • $190 Full / year
  • $125 e-member
  • >50
  • $180 Full / year
  • $125 e-member
  • To register as an Enterprise Membership,

    please click

  • Register


Regular Membership

    • Individual
    • $200 / year

Each person holds his or her own membership and is entitled to full member privileges. The Professional membership is $200 a year. Also for those Academic individuals who are currently teaching Supply Chain or Operations Management is $75 a year.

    • Student
    • $25 / year

This membership is available to those pursuing a degree at an acredited college or university and engaged in the study of resource management or related fields. This membership option provides electronic member benefits.

    • Young Professional
    • $100 / year

This is a great membership option for those individuals who are in the first 1-3 years of thier supply chain or operations career.

This membership option provides electronic member benefits.

Renewal Information

Is your Membership up for renewal? Click here to login and renew your APICS membership online. Members who renew online are mailed an updated member card within two weeks.

To join APICS, click here to apply for membership online. Make sure to mark your chapter choice as El Paso/Juarez.

For more information, call APICS Customer Service at (800) 444-APICS (2742) or (773) 867-1777 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. U.S. Central Time.


Fact: Seventy-eight percent of APICS members report that their annual dues are paid for by their employer